AOMI’s online programs are scheduled to run over four 10-week terms per calendar year. The four term periods commence in January, April, July and October and students may commence their program of study at the beginning any one of these four terms. Students then continue the program of study over the next three consecutive terms, completing their program of study in 4 terms, or in approx. 12 months from the commencement of their study.

As an example, if a student commenced study in the October term in 2014, and providing they submitted and completed all assessment tasks to the standards required, they would complete their program of study by commencement of the October term of 2015. In such a case, the student will have undertaken study during the October 2014 term, the January 2015 term, the April 2015 term and then concluding with the July 2015 term.

AOMI study terms have specific “cut off dates,” excluding enrolment after the fact, for that particular semester however, applicants have four enrolment options per calendar year for full courses. Short Courses run all year round and you can enrol in a short course at anytime.